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Polyurethane Core with a timber stringer is the standard in surfboard construction and has been at the forefront of performance surfboard for years. 

Using traditional laminating techniques the PU construction produces a high quality sanded finished board that works well in all conditions. Different densities are available to create a board to perform in any sized waves in any conditions.

A progressive flex pattern stabilised by a high grade plywood stringer creates a very reliable feeling under foot. The standard PU construction has one layer of 4oz cloth on the bottom and 2 x 4oz layers on the deck and comes with carbon foot patches at the tail of the board.

Still the standard and most reliable build on the market. 


Expanded Polystyrene Core with Timber Stringer

Expanded Polystyrene core with Timber stringer and glassed with Epoxy Resin.

This construction is marginally lighter than the PU and the foam has a quicker memory creating a more lively feel. Traditional lamination techniques to produce a high quality sanded finish that performs best in small or clean conditions.

A quick flex memory stabilised with a timber plywood stringer makes for a lively responsive board that is slightly more buoyant than PU so its possible to shave some volume off your standard board to ride smaller that fit better in smaller conditions or keep it the same and relish the slightly more buoyant feel for paddling and helping you get moving when the waves aren't doing any favours.  

The standard EPS construction has one layer of 4oz cloth on the bottom and two layers of 4oz cloth on the deck and comes with carbon foot patches at the tail of the board. 

Recommended for small waves for a quicker lighter feeling. 


Recycled Expanded Polystyrene Core with Timber Stringer, Bio Resin and Natural Fibre Cloth
Carbon Loaded EPS Core with Epoxy Resin

Recycled expanded polystyrene core with timber stringer glassed with Epoxy Bio Resin.

This construction has the exact same feel as the standard EPS construction just done with recycled, natural or more natural materials.

Resin: Eco-X R130 is a solvent-free, bio-based epoxy resin that has a reduced carbon footprint, utilises renewable resources and reduces the levels of VOC’s into the atmosphere.  This bio-based system is an eco-friendly alternative.  Custom designed UV Optical that creates superior whiteness and the highest levels of UV stability. The resin is significantly brighter in the sun being one of the whitest boards on the market*.

A high resistance to Yellowing formulated to resist the effects of UV and time discoloration. The bio resin also offers superior strength to the conventional epoxy systems on the market.

EnviroSled construction has one layer of 4oz natural fibre cloth* on the bottom and two layers of 4oz natural fibre cloth* on the deck and comes with carbon foot patches at the tail of the board. 

Recommended for small waves for a quicker lighter feeling and those who are conscious of the impacts their actions have on the earth. 

*natural fibre cloth may not yet be available at time of purchase where a standard cloth will be used. When it is used it is slightly off white, for the whitest board possible that is environmentally friendly we suggest using recycled foam and bio resin with a standard cloth.

SS Flex

SS Flex

EPS core stabilised with a carbon frame and glassed with epoxy resin to create the most lively construction

in our range. 

A quick memory and an even flex distribution from a solid foam core undisturbed by a central stringer. The undisturbed core combined with the carbon framing create a build up of torque throughout every turn making a very exciting response. The carbon framing is not woven into the cloth and is

applied at different stages to the cloth, this creates more strength from these features. SS Flex has one

layer of 6oz cloth on the bottom and 6oz plus 4oz layers on the deck with carbon foot patches at the tail. It is

quite light though the amount of cloth means it is no fly weight build thats going to flap around once its over 2 feet or there is a little wind on the face. The foam and carbon enable the lively response and the extra cloth gives the board momentum helping it perform in a larger range of conditions.

Recommended for waves from 1-6ft. 

SS Flex is the most responsive build in our range. 

*SS Flex is also available as an envirosled

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