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"Not only is Mooney adept at hucking himself into some of the largest caverns found in Oz, he’s also a bit of alright in the air – a rare combo. It’s this that has allowed Mooney to create his own craft with knowledge of what works in those situations."

Stab Magazine


Andrew Mooney was voted as Australia's best free surfer via Waves Magazine. This was against the best australian free surfers at the time boasting the likes of Dion Agius, Jay Davies and a bunch more. Since then, his search for ramps and over sized tubes has taken him around the world to find waves us mortals only dream of. His freakish talents hark back to a surfing world dominated by professional surfer-shapers pushing the boundaries on their own equipment. Mooney not only designs and shapes every board he laminates and sands almost all of them. 

His expertise and intimate knowledge of surf crafts is now at your disposal.

Watch Mooney surf one of his latest creations - 'The Tangle'

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