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Big performance from a small package.


This board delivers extreme speed off the mark making it exceptional to get up and going again when recovering from tricks. Extreme down the line speed make it easy to take to the air and fang around sections. A softer outline creates smooth transitions and also makes it comfortable when going to the air or releasing the tail.

A wide tail pod helps it to get over the flat sections with a late vee for comfort going rail to rail on a steeper face. Single to double concave to vee. A large sweet spot make it user friendly. 


Performance curves in a smaller wider package makes it hard to go past as the everyday ride excelling in waves from 1-5ft.

Witchetty Grub

  • The 'Witchetty Grub' was designed to be the spicy bit of life that gets you out there when waves are below average in the 0-4foot range. 

    This board features a staged Rocker. Medium entry rocker that allows the board to roll up a short or steep face nicely followed by an extremely flat section between your legs and a low tail rocker allowing the board to plane over dead sections and not require too much wall to feel acceleration. 

    The outline has the wide point behind centre squashing the curves in the tail so they fit in small pockets. a pronounced hip creates a lively twitchy feeling in the outline that whips hard off the top and exxagerates drive off the back foot.

    This board is quite wide in the tail to keep speed though not too wide that it hinders performance.

    Concave features a single to double concave with a late vee.

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