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A lively board full of pop that can handle been thrown hard into rail turns. 


A balanced full foil, mini beak and flat deck with bevelled rail keep this board up on top of the water and gliding easily into waves and a lively feedback. 


Wide point forward also enhances paddling and Gives a nice wide platform for the small stuff. The longer pulled in tail sets the rail with comfort at high speed and in powerful waves with no need to think about where you need to apply pressure to do so.


We've basically taken the planshape of the Wine Stop and put it into a souped up yet more user friendly package. The extremely high volume of the Wine Stop could become hard to control at times if there was any bump on the face. Though it worked so well when the high volume wasn't corking off a bump we've taken its best part and revamped it. 


Deep double betwen the feet giving an exciting lift. This feeds a spine concave vee out of the tail giving bite and therefore stability in the tail area to counteract the slipperyness of the twin fins. 


An exciting little ride that gets you out of bed when the inspiration is low. Reliable ride that can be enjoyed as an everyday board if twin fins are your thing. 


Suggested to be ridden with performance twin fins such as the MR's or AM's.  


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