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The Remedy if you have the shortboard blues. 


The concensus of feedback is "I've put my shortboard away and this is all I ride now".


We've taken the reliable curves and subtle concaves of the Cosmic Shift and shifted the wide point slightly forward from its original position.  Still foiled the same from nose to tail as well as the deck and rail foils have stayed. 


Fins slightly further back than other twins in the range to stabilise the minimalistic bottom contours.


Therefore we have a simple and clean board with no surprises, just a simple and reliable clean feeling through the water.


A shortboard replacement for sub par to good waves. 


Ridden 3" shorter or close to your standard shortboard litreage. Though we have had success with the Cosmic Shift from 5'3 all the way to 7'0 so this would also be a great option to stretch out. Reach out for custom dimensions if you can't see a size that suites.




The Remedy

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