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The Squidish was born out of a search for drive out of a smaller package. Originally it had a wide square tail but we had some requests to be made with a round tail and found we hit something special. 


For this years model we have updated the rocker curve and kept the foil thickness' the same to maintain the original balance and feel. 


The planshape has had a little tidy up with the most noticeable change being a more pulled in nose to keep it out of the way when re entering. Couple this with the updated rocker and we've got all the drive and zip from the original with a more user friendly buttery version. 


Extreme down the line speed with something really special happening off the back foot. It allows you to go as hard off the bottom as you can, immediately out of the previous turn with no fear of sliding out with a comfort I haven't experienced from other shapes. The planshape and rocker also give great drive and speed through open-face turns.


The comfort and control of the release off the top is unmatched. 


We've added a slot bottom for some extra function inspired from Twin fins by Bill Cilia and Bruce Ericson made under Nirvana Surfboards in the 80's. Rode a few and they were spicy under foot. 

It wakes the water up and gives it a noticeable feeling of lift and life.


Overall this a board for intermediate to advanced surfers that allows the rider to push and drive as hard as you like. This board has allowed me to do some of the best backside surfing of my life. Check out the video of Jackson Coffey in the video below.


Ideal wave size is 1ft with a bit of shape to 6ft epic conditions. 


Squidish 24

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