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With DNA from the successful Beached Whale this board has similar attritubutes to the way it drives from the middle of the board and loves to take a high line.


The area in the nose has been considerably minimised plus extra nose rocker which has enabled this shape to fit into curvier areas of the wave.


This shape has only been ridden as a twin fin hence the 4 x channels to give bite in the tail to control the swing weight without the stability of a middle fin. 


Recommended to be ridden with keel twins as this is where the best feedback is coming from. Mostly hearing the following phrase's "I just had so much fun on that board" or "I love that board".  Hence why it has made it into the mid length range. 


Can be enjoyed in anything from small beach breaks to large open faced reef breaks. Excels in the solid stiff  due to its length drive points that it shares with the Beached Whale and our other mids that have been derived from that plan shape and rocker combination. 


A crowd favourite thats here to stay. 


Sizing is a guide so get in touch if you can't see a volume or dimension combination that suites you. 


Shark Tooth

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