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"Feels like a normal shortboard that hold's on rail but still has that twin fin, whip and flare." Was the first comment from Owen Milne.

Owen is great behind the lense and even greater in front of it, a solid powerful surfer. Always informing me how much better he surfs than I do.


Soft entry to deep double concave to late bitey vee out of the tail. Soft front stops and catching in the nose area and the bitey tail stabilises the twin and gives plenty of projection without sliding out.


Flat deck with with a harsh flat bevel to a medium soft rail creates a cushy feeling uner the front foot. It also carries foam giving quick feedback and the lower rail  enables it to be set when using the whole board.


A small blocky beak to maintain foam into the nose for paddle power and momentum through turns. 


A curvey buttery planshape with a slight hip to give it whip off the top and straighter curves in the tail pod to stabilise it behind the fins. 


An everyday ride that gives a little more excitment than the standard shortboard. It can be a shortboard replacement for anything 1-5ft before you start thinking about pulling out the 6'0 shorty.


Ridden 3" shorter than you standard shortboard. 





Nobel Prize

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