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Designed to honour the origins of the single with a modern high performance twist.


The outline stems from the traditional with some additional curves to allow this board to fit in the pocket. Single to double concave allow the board to squirt like a modern performer with the fun of the single fins plan shape.


Continuous rocker creates smooth operating and a tendency to handle high speed. Don’t be scared to go up in volume in comparison to your high performers. 

Single Fin

  • This board was originally made for Cass Hurrell. She wanted a single fin that could be used as an everyday board for the points and beachbreaks of Byron Bay. 

    This meant it needed to be comfortable and versatile. So it features a medium continuous rocker and a subtle single to double concave.

    The 'Single Fin' has a balanced foil from nose to tail though it carries volume into the nose with a beak and bevelled rail just in the front for paddling and moment while on the wave. The rest of the rails are a modern medium rail that are responsive yet comfortable. Just a bit of old meets new.



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