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The Hot Chocolate was originally designed for those in the early stages of their surfing journey. When they are ready to get off the longboard or the stable platform they have learnt on and are ready to take it to a little steeper waves.


Though we have found this is a board that can be enjoyed by all skill levels. Due to its rocker and squirty double concave. Stable, reliable and forgiving, yet also an exciting ride that performs in all conditions.


We've used the reliable outline of the Beached Whale and added an accentuated single to double concave that gives lots of lift when standing anywhere on the board. Extra rocker all round has been added to originally avoid nose diving when taking off. Also aiming to create a user friendly continuos curve to allow it to fit into the wave no matter where you are standing.


It has been a great success with surfers of this level and subsequently we have created a shape that performs for a surfer of any level in all types of waves. Small steep beach breaks, small flat waves and everything to 8ft plus large steep stuff. 


An absolute joy to ride for surfers of all skill level's as it is extremely forgiving, especially for its length. 


Sizes listed are a guide of where the shaoe has been successful, get in touch if you would like to customise dimensions and volumes. 


Hot Chocolate

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