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The Highliner, no surprises loves a high line with exceptional down the line speed and speed and flow through open face turns. 


Originally designed for and with Frosty our laminator at the time. I was nervous as, making a board for a fellow board builder. He came back and his first comment was "That's the best board I've ridden in a long time".


Mostly a Beached Whale with a pulled in nose and more aggressive bottom contours to stabilise twin fins. 


Single to double under the front foot with a spine vee that starts from between the feet. This rolls the board onto rail and enables it to be rolled over from the mid section of the board.  Lots of drive from the mid secrtion of the board and a wid pod to swing it around off the tail. 


The double concave under the front foot gives lift from that area making the board feel alive.


Recommended to be riiden with keen fins to stabilise the swing weight in the nose. 


This board travels far on rail with great momentum. Big feelings from less work. 


Ridden roughly 13L above your standard shortboard or whichever dimensions float your boat. 



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