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Hekkaz Tekkaz 2024 has seen many changes that have been aggregated from all the features of our latest shortboards that have given the best feedback. Additionally our best rocker and totally updated planshape that has been evolving in the background as this shape has been on ice until it became a benchmark within the range.


Soft rails fuller rails with single to double concave bottom contours that has been in the shortboards that have been returning the best feedback from surfers of all skill levels. Bottom contours that roll onto rail with ease providing a large sweet spot. 


The 12" marks are at the same width as the original Hekkaz. Wide point is slightly wider forward making it a good paddler with great momentum through turns. Slightly narrower at the 12" tails mark than the tangle and a little less lift from the concave makes it very user friendly that is easy to set the rail. 


Ideal in waves from 1ft with shape to 6ft+.





Hekkaz Tekkaz '24'

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