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With DNA from the successful Beached Whale this board has similar attritubutes to the way it drives from the middle of the board and loves to take a high line.


The area in the nose has been considerably minimised plus changes to the nose rocker which has enabled this shape to fit into curvier areas of the wave.


Plenty of volume forward going all the way up into the nose make it an extremely good paddler with a nice swing weight and momentum through open face turns.


We've kept the tail pod wide and curvy which enables the shape to swing around and turn in the pocket with ease. The wide tail pod also gives stability on rail where there is never a feeling of the board laying over when there is a lack of speed as the pinny tailed guns tend to do if they aren't pushed through turns. 


This shape has a low rocker for its length which enhances paddling and getting onto waves early. This also enables it to be ridden as an everyday board. 


If I had to have a one board quiver it would be this or the Beached Whale. 


Get in touch for custom dimensions as the on'es listed are a guide of the most common sizing though we have stretched these out all the way iinto the high 8' range with success.



Fun Gun

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