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The Experimental Drive Plate 2024 has been revisted with only a change to the planshape allowing it to move more cleanly through the water, expecially off the back foot. Smooth drive from a board that sticks to the feet.


A sensitive and reactive board derived from low rails and accentuated bottom contours. The reactive feeling is held under control by the unique subtle curve in the outline from the centre point to the widened tail pod.


This shape was originally derived from our old version of the Semi Gun. The goal was to make a shortboard that had the same feeling as the semi gun but could be ridden as an everyday board. Though like the semi gun also handle serious power beneath it.


The feelings I was chasing from the Semi Gun was the ease of rolling it onto rail, the lift it gave off the front foot and the projection and drive it gave from its large sweet spot.


There is never any need to shuffle around on the board to comfortably put it on rail.


Single concave through the nose and under the front foot gives lift right off the mark. This also works if you need a few pumps off the front foot to generate some extra speed to make a section. Likewise in the smaller stuff the single gives it life when wworking it in the less powerful stuff. This single concave feeds a vee that starts between the feet with concave fed around either side of it. When the vee rocks it on to rail the concave near to the rail gives lift and the roll onto rail and lift combo creates an electric feedback.


A fairly standard nose template meets a  unique back end, a pulled in straightened out rail line that meets a wide rounded square. The narrowness at the 12" tail mark combined with the vee make's it really easy to set the rail at high speed. The narrowness to wide pod combination keeps the acceleration going the whole way through the turn. This enables large driving arcs on the open face to a length which is a welcome surprise.


A flat forgiving vee off the tail enable's the rider to keep the board on rail when pushing hard off the tail late through the turn.


A continuos rocker that straightens out in the tail. The continuos curve makes it stick to the feet with comfort and the accelerated tail rocker gives plenty of squirt out of turns or when pumping down the line or through hollow waves. 


A unique feeling for all occasions that has been tested it in everything from the melbourne wave pool, knifing heavy south coast slabs and walled up point breaks. It's always enjoyable and reliable in all circumstances. 


Ridden from 1ft with shape to as big as you can paddle into. 


Experimental Drive Plate '24'

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