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Slightly wider forward into the nose area with a slightly narrower tail gives this shape plenty of drive from a large sweet spot when putting it on rail. 


Simple bottom contours, single to doube that isnt too deep, makes it easy to roll on rail without having to think about it. The planshape allows it to roll over at full speed with reliability to not slide out, with some curves late in the board that loosen it up when you stomp on the tail.


Designed with a chop tail as we believe it is the fastest and most precise feeling out of any tail shape, no late curve in the rail for the water to wrap around and a clean end to the rail for precise release of water out of the tail and precise release of the board when exiting the water out of the lip. Other tails are available via custom order.


This is Creed's favourite model in the range that he keeps coming back to. He explains to me how he loves the amount of drive he gets out of it though its loose when he needs it to be. He exclaims how he is confident to put it on rail at high speeds knowing it won't slide out. He also says it never dictates his lines, he feels it gives hime a feeling of versatility when going for a manouvre. Claiming he can throw it on rail or into the air with confidence and on a line he wants.


From beginner to expert depending on how big or small you want to go with it. We have stretched it out to 7'0 mid guns, 6'10 x 22 x  3 1/8 as a big lads short board and feedback has been positive across the board in all sizes.


An everyday go to that is easy to surf that requires minimal thinking due to its simple planshape. Wider forward gives it a nice momentum where you don't need to constantly whip it and work it, you can relax and enjoy the drive with mimimal effort.


Creed's ideal dimenisons:  6'1 x 18 3/4 x 2 7/16 - 29.26L (he also stretches out to 6'2)


Mooney"s Dimensions: 5'10 x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 - 26.5L


Dimensions available are a suggestion and roughly scales in the ratio from Mooney's dimensions. Please reach out for custom dimensions via email or instagram.

Cosmic Shift

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