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The Blue Dart is for those tiny days that you still want to shred in but don't feel like riding the log. Low rockered with speed off the mark and a plan-shape that generates speed through and out of rail transitions.


This shape originated from a hand-shape chopped out of a 6'0 Step Up that had a lot of success in my early shaping career. 3" chopped off fron the nose and 3" chopped off from the tail left a full foil with plenty of meat all the way into the nose and the tail. 


A soft bevelled rail that foils up to a beaked nose to cap the thickness off.


Wide point way back allow the rider to generate speed off the front foot and drive early out of transitions.


Majority of the area of the plan-shape is between the feet and toward the tail area making the rider feel right on top of the foam. Pulled in nose to leaves not much in front to throw around and get in the way when driving into small pockets. 


Hips around the fin area give it an exciting whip off the top that is kept under control from the addition of the channels that meet at the points of the swallow. This gives a lot of bite and projection out of turns.


One of my all time favourite boards thats I've been able to replicate from the original file it was hand shaped from. 


Ridden roughly 2L above your standard shortboard in waves from 1-4ft.




Blue Dart

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