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Bee Sting is our premiere step down. Fast off the front foot carrying great down the line speed, fast and drivey off the back foot with a whippy and quick feeling as your weight transitions from front to back foot.


Decent hips in the planshape provide fast whipping turns. The planshape holds drive through the open face off the back or front foot. The type of board that pivots with ease out of the lip and drives hard off the front or back foot.  As you load up off the bottom it feels as if you can take the board anywhere you like.


Single softer feeling concave under the front foot that feeds a bitey double concave with vee in the tail pod under the back foot with vee out of the tail. This gives a cushy feeling off the front foot and a precise feeling of hold which accelerates and squirts hard off the back foot.


Very exciting feeling under foot which is ideal from 1-5ft. 



Bee Sting

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