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The Beached Whale is an all time fasvourite with our customers. 


Originally advertised shorter than suggested now. We found out once it was stretched out we hit the button on something special. A very high performing mid length. 


The bulk of the thickness is foiled forward and right up into the nose. 


Boxy soft rails in the front and centre with low tucked and walled rails in the tail. 

Single to double with a vee growing from between the feet finishing with a flat panel vee off the tail. 

Lots of swing weight in the nose. The vee sets the rail and width with ease in small stuff or at high speeds and the walled rail allows it to sit on its rail with comfort. The swing weight and comfort of setting it on rail propel the rider through rail turns allowing it to hang on its rail through large momentum fueled carves.


A wide tail pod enable it to swing around with ease in tight pockets. 


Originally distrbuted amongst beginners or those looking for something less strenuous to ride. We began to get feedback from good surfers who had jumped on them and how much fun they were haviing. Then the feedback came from solid waves and we found it hit new levels when the waves had some power. 


If I could only have one board in the quiver this would be it as I ride it in everything from 1-10ft. It seems if I pull it out of the van its my go to for the next three months. 


Siggested to be ridden 10-14L above your standard shortboard or the bigger guys can ride it at their normal volumes. Don't be scared of the widths that takes you to as it rolls onto rail with ease. 



Beached Whale '24'

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