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The 1990 is a design I associate with the popular narrow highly rockered boards of the 1990's. Shape's that allowed the rider to let out some aggression, push hard off the bottom and off the top. Narrow tail area that can be easily buried.


The main goal was to emulate the large swet spots and drive from where you expect it. Feelings I have mainly and only really felt from step ups and guns by Al Byrne and Bill Cilia. Decades of riding and studying my favourite boards made by these guys is where the inspiration for the 1990 has come from. 


A fairly standard amount of entry rocker with a little extra in the tail. Continuous though slower curver between the feet gives great planing speed when this shape sits neutral between rail turns. 


Large sweet spot from a plan-shape that sets the rail in a comfortable way where you would expect it to. Lots of drive and whip when you need it. 


The bottom contours are single to Vee throughout the last third of the board and through the channelled area. Rolls onto rail at speed with ease and bites and projects with precision. 


The real deal feel, where you find yourself driving out of one rail turn into the next. A solid plan-shape that hasn't let me down in all types of waves.


Can be ridden as an everyday ride, step up or stretched into a gun for all types of bigger waves. So get in touch if you would like a custom version.




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