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Bee Sting
Bee Sting Deck_edited
Bee Sting Deck Horiz_edited
Bee Sting foil
Bee Sting angle
Bee Sting angle foil
Bee Sting Nose
Bee Sting Tail

The Bee Sting is our premiere step down. 

All the characteristics to shred in the small stuff. Soft cushy rails to enable a lot of pivot in front end to navigate small pockets and tight arcs with less catching in the choppy stuff.


Narrow nose to enable the board to go straight up into smaller pockets with minimal swing weight combined with hips for pivot and a wide tail pod to give it projection off the back foot.

A fuller foil into the nose and tail maximising volume without and corkiness. 

Slight double under the front foot to a deeper yet modest double between the fins with a clean flat exit giving squirt off the tail. 

Lower rocker with some flip in the nose and tail which keeps it from feeling flat.

Ideal from 1-5ft and easy to ride, easy to paddle everyday ride.

Available in:

- PU

- PU FLAX cloth

- Stringerless EPS FLAX cloth

- Carbon enforced Stringerless EPS

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