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God Speed
God Speed Deck_edited_edited
God Speed angle
God Speed foil

God Speed - Speed and drive on call out of a short package.

Fuller foil to keep volume in the smaller package.

Low Rocker yet feels like it has curve.

The plan shape gives plenty of drive enabling it to drive through rail turns beyond its length.

Single to double concave with soft rails that create a cushy comfortable feel under foot. 

Chop Tail for clarity in rail transitions and speed and clean release of water out of the tail.

Inspired by a magic board Bill Cilia made me years prior that I rode in all conditions from 1ft slop to 6ft epic conditions. 

The one Bill made was 5'1 x 19 though the size suggestions here are a little more stretched out to make it a more user friendly size for an everyday ride. 

Available in:

- PU

- PU FLAX cloth

- Stringerless EPS FLAX cloth

- Carbon enforced Stringerless EPS

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